She can easily be confused for a model with her striking looks and her signature androgynous fabulous style.

So…are these some of the factors that make Ebangha Njang standout?

It was her media presence that first caught my attention. On Facebook and Twitter, she was always going hard, promoting Cameroonian artists. It was really refreshing to see the love and support she was pouring into the Cameroon music industry. How could one not notice?

Around the time we were gearing up for our next Coverstar feature, I received a message from Ebangha

“Hello I’ve been following your blog for a while now. I think y’all amazing.”

At that moment, I felt she was a genie and had just granted my wish because little did she know that she was at the top of the few people we had in mind to be featured on the next cover.

We immediately took that as a sign and violà! YW’s latest coverstar.

Yvonne Ebangha Njang was born and raised in Douala and Edéa respectively. Her dad( who worked with the Ministry of Agriculture) and her mum( a Housewife), instilled discipline and the fear of God in her and five siblings at very young ages. Being a close knit family, her childhood was filled with fun family times, including relaxing by the River Sanaga, watching favourite cartoons and attending church on Sundays. That makes for an exciting childhood, doesn’t it? But it wasn’t exactly the same when it came to her teenage years.

“My teenage years didn’t mean much to me honestly. I know it’s hard to believe lol but i was a pretty shy teenager. I am a stammerer and when i was younger it was really bad. Kids always imitated the way i talked so i usually was quiet. That made me read books & write a lot. As i grew older i started opening up more because my Dad (who’s also a stammerer) would tell me to talk more, even if i talked fast i should say how i feel so people will stop bullying me. It worked! People started paying attention to me. Now I’m a low-key bully lol.”

To secure a better future for her children, Ebangha’s father moved his family to America. She was 19 at the time and ready to take on the world. Persuaded by her parents to study Nursing, she succumbed but quickly realised it wasn’t for her.

“I tried and when I got into Nursing School, that was it! I was the most unhappy person.”

Her love was always Showbiz since around the age of 12. She still remembers vividly how she fell in love with Showbiz after watching Nadine Patricia CRTV’s Tube Vision.

“She inspired me alot. I wanted to be like her so bad lol.”

In 2014, Ebangha decided to quit Nursing School to pursue a career in entertainment. Diving into the entertainment scene was not so difficult thanks to the network of people she had come to know and even worked with.  While dabbling in Nursing, Ebangha was already   promoting artists part time. Because of that, she had created a good rapport with some of the artists, managers and producers back in Cameroon.

I caught up with Ebangha at the right but very busy time. This young female boss has got her hands in almost all the entertainment pots. Not only was she about to launch Sa Majesté Magazine, she’s also busy working on a clothing line and other exciting projects. I had a great time chatting with Ebangha and here are more of what she shared with YW.

About her social life
Contrary to popular belief, my social life sucks! I always wanna stay home and watch Crime Scene shows or listen to music and “perform” infront of a mirror lol. Since I am in showbiz i have to attend all these events to network and all but i really always wanna stay home. I just love being alone.

About her brand and trademarking Ebangha Njang.
I just trademarked “Ebangha Njang” lol i know I’m wasting money huh? Well i noticed it’s becoming a household name so i had to buy it for my business use and nobody else should ever use the names for business. My bad to any “Ebangha Njang” out there lol.  I have 2 brands right now; Sa Majesté is another one too. I have a whole team for the Sa Majesté brand and there’s a Sa Majesté Magazine (Issue 1) coming out soon & a Sa Majesté Clothing on the works. I am so excited for what the future holds for me as a person. Only God knows how far I’ve come!

About her style
People always say my style is unique. It’s because i don’t usually follow trends. I just always wanna be comfortable & stand out so i take all these unnecessary risks lol. I would say my style is “edgy tomboy”. Like I’m the biggest tomboy ever so i just make my style look somehow femaly (that’s a word right??). I recently started wearing dresses but i would wear dresses with sneakers. You get the “edgy tomboy” now?? Yeah! I just love being comfortable but standing out at the same time. Everybody be looking the same on social media nowadays. Nah. I hate it. Lemme look like me.

About her siblings
There’s really nothing to talk about my siblings because all of them are pretty much laid back and focusing on their careers and personal happy lives. Two of my siblings are kinda into showbiz too though. Adèle (who used to own a record label in Cameroon named Main Musik & Léonnie who is a model). Apart from them the rest are private ones so i respect their privacies.

About her daughter
Yes I have a daughter! She will be 9 years old this December. She’s such an Angel & a radical at the same time lol (just like her mama). I don’t like posting or talking about her anymore because people can be so vile and would wanna talk about your kids when they can’t stand you. I chose this showbiz life and she didn’t. I’m just protecting her by not talking or posting about her but she’s a great kid! No, me & her father are NOT together. We decided he raises her since he got married and she needs a “family life” growing up because her mom is always up and down lol. It’s not really a big deal juggling between being a mother & a boss. Since my daughter lives with her father so I focus on my brands with no stress. I am not single & i am also not in a relationship. Lol I’m a very happy woman that’s all. 😉

About how musical influences
Being born in the late half part of the 80s the music you listen to growing up in Cameroon was the REAL Makossa. So i grew up listening to great artists like Marthe Zambo, Ben & Grace Decca, Petit Pays, Bebe Manga and all. Till date i still listen to those Makossa. And Western music i always listened to was those of Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross & Tina Turner because my Mom always listened to them so it made know good music. Then growing up “tomboy” I started getting into rap music with my favorites being artists like Nas, Eminem and Q-Tip amongst others. That’s why today people think i have a good ear for music just because i grew up on great music and it influenced the kinda music i listen to now.

About dealing scandals with rumours
Scandals & rumors are inevitable in the entertainment industry so i just don’t pay attention to them. Is there any particular one that really affected me? 🤔 I don’t think so.

With her love for music, it was a no-brainer for Ebangha to start a record label with Eva Ndumbe. Two ambitious ladies, pumped with lots of passion for music, their desire to see the Cameroon music industry strive and backed by a talented artist on their roster, it’s safe to say Kreef Entertainment “na to fear.”(in my Mic Monta’s voice.)

About working with Eva
A lot! Trust me… Me and Eva are two opposite beings so we get along pretty well. Opposites attract right? Lol. I’m a very difficult person (so i heard) so me & Eva just always try to be on the same page before proceeding in anything. Not easy but with Eva being the less difficult one, it works!

She’s called Sa Majesté for a reason. She keeps working, learning, growing and building her empire, brick by brick. What does the future hold for Ebangha Njang? Everything she desires.

Follow her on her social media pages

Twitter: @officialmzyve

Instagram: @officialmzyve

Checkout Sa Majesté Magazine in the link below.

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