She loves love and she loves people. It’s no surprise Adeline Azah Ntoh, founder of The Liiwir Method, passionately chose a career path that combines both so well. In this article/interview, the certified Yoga instructor takes us on an exciting Yoga journey, The Liiwir Method.

So how did it all begin?

It all began for Adeline in 2006 when she was working in corporate. It was the first time of having consistent internet access and being the curious one, Adeline dived straight into internet haven, exploring and discovering. She had always been fascinated by the possibility of people creating ideal lifestyles for themselves. It was through exploring and discovering that she came across numerous fitness and lifestyle blogs which opened her up to her own ideal world . She fell in love immediately.During her spare time, Adeline would enjoy reading through fitness and lifestyle blogs. What intrigued her the most was the fact that the people behind these blogs were living their best lives from the comfort of their homes. She wanted that too.

At that point in her life, Adeline was very determined to create an ideal lifestyle for herself, one which she could follow through for the rest of her life. Going through all the fitness blogs, yoga stood out the most. It resonated with her because she wanted to create something that she could do even on her laziest day. Adeline became even more interested in yoga after stumbling on a particular video on youtube . That changed her life.

“I instantly fell in love with the poetic explanation. It shook my core. I instantly knew I could do it forever.”

Spurred by the video, Adeline woke up every morning and practised yoga for three months. Receiving a yoga training video as a present heightened her interest even more. Her yoga journey took a serious and life-changing turn.

“My life went from ‘I want to have money’ to ‘I want to live in this moment.”

2008 was the year Adeline started exploring other options. Yoga had opened her mind and all she wanted to do was to use that energy to explore her other loves. With writing being one of her favourite past-times, Adeline started blogging for Shades Of Life, an online lifestyle magazine she co-founded with a friend. On there, she wrote about the benefits of yoga and it was when reading through that she realised how heartfelt the reasons were and then, it finally clicked;

“Then I knew it will be in my life forever. I knew then that I wanted to share the knowledge with my community”

From then on, she continued with her daily yoga practice. She did more research and read yoga books. During her pregnancy in 2014, Adeline used that as an opportunity and practised yoga all through her pregnancy. It saw it as a peaceful way to bond with her unborn child.

2015 kicked off with Adeline as a first-time mother and even more determination to take her yoga to the next level. She continued her daily practice and later on, an opportunity came which she couldn’t resist. Adeline travelled to Dubai where she did an intense yoga training. When she got back, she was ready to start The Liiwir Method.

On how she uses yoga to de-stress

I do yoga atleast 30 minutes daily, 10 minutes meditation and 20 minutes of poses. I’d normally select poses that would leave me in a zen mode and keep me centred throughout the day.

On how she came up the name Liiwir

Liiwir is the name of my daughter. I connected with yoga during my pregnancy. I felt it was just right to give it Liiwir. I wanted to give my daughter something to grow up with. A lifestyle to show her the best way to be happy. Something that whenever she needs it, it will always be there.

On her time with SmartFit Zone/Building her practice

At the end of 2016, I got a call from a friend who was about to open up her new fitness studio and wanted me to teach yoga there. I have known her all my life and she’s very passionate about fitness. It meant a lot for her to call me up and offered me the position. To have my first class with about 15 people was a ‘what I know for sure’ moment. There, i learnt more about my teaching methods and also learnt a lot about myself. I ended up teaching Pilates classes as well using my yoga knowledge. I was able to improve my core strength during that time. Most importantly, it was an opportunity to introduce yoga¬† to a community who received it well.

On future projects

My number one priority is to keep deepening my personal yoga practice because I want to teach by example. I want to continue sharing to my immediate community, using the tool I have to reach as many people as possible through posting, sharing picture and videos.

My goal is to build a yoga community in Douala/Cameroon where people from around the world can also come to experience yoga, the Cameroon way.


Get to know Adeline Ntoh even more with these 6 quick questions.

YW: You were in corporate before yoga. Please tell us about your time in Educarière.

TLM: During my time in corporate, I realised many of my career experience goals. However, working with Educarriere and organising the first Global Management Challenge for Cameroonian youth to represent their country at an international level was transforming. A very empowering time in my life.


YW: You have always been obsessed with magazines. What clicks with you whenever you see/go through/read a magazine?

TLM: I love reading a lot, and not just magazines. Words and pictures fascinate me. Magazines used to be my source for visual connection to a carefully crafted story but now with the internet there are so many other sources and I am grateful for that.


YW: You said you want to be a supermodel for yoga. Please can you expand on That?

TLM: Not a supermodel but a Role model for Yoga. I have benefitted and learned so much in yoga that I feel comfortable to represent and share yoga anytime.


YW: Who are your role models?

TLM: My mother, my sisters.


YW: If you were to give any advice to the teenage YOU, what would it be?

TLM: You will find your purpose when you stop searching for it.


YW: What was the last book you read?

TLM: How To Be Invisible by J.J. Luna


From the long chat we had, what I’ll take with me is a statement that Adeline made when discussing her passion for yoga. She said;

“One of my biggest drives is to spread love through yoga.

Yoga is love and love is something people genuinely respond to.”

Putting so much hardwork and passion daily to get to where she is today, it’s clear to see Adeline Azah Ntoh is here to stay and namaste.

Checkout her websites for yoga tips and programs

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