It was a cook-anything-you-can-find-in-your-kitchen kinda day again. It had been snowing non-stop since the start of the week. UK was under the white attack my people. They said it was the aftermath of a dry, frigid air from Siberia and they named it ‘The Beast From The East’ and it really showed up and showed out. Mr Beast from the East brought some chilling friends along for the snowy ride…the rain, the wind, the cold, the White Walkers and Jon Snow…mscheeeew!!!

Anywhooo, what I’m trying to say is, because of the snow, we were stuck at home with only some few food items here and there….frozen fish here…frozen peas there…so what do you do? I psyched myself and finally got out of bed, got ready and walked into the kitchen feeling like a lifesaver on Survival Island.

I whipped out the ingredients and food items from the cupboards and freezer and before I knew it, this beauty was staring back at me, looking all yummy and ready to be eaten.

Fried Fish(in batter and coated with cornflakes crumbs), using coconut oil and chips with mushy peas and gravy(black beans and chickpeas in shito peppered stew).

That’s how this concoction came about last Wednesday.


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