On this particular day, I was craving Cameroon Jellof rice but I really didn’t feel like cooking. I just wanted to stay in bed and catch up on 24: Legacy(I’m still pissed the show got cancelled…mscheeew!)
Anyway, back to the matter. So I told myself “I’ll just go in, prepare a quick jellof rice and roasted chicken and I’m out of the kitchen.” So how did I end up with a feast? How Sway?
Anywhooo, by now, I should know I don’t just get in and out…I get in and feast out. So that’s how yours truly came up with all of these. What’s on the menu?

1.) Cameroon Jellof Rice.

2.)Plantain cups filled with sautéed mixed peppers, prawns and kidney beans.

3.) Spicy Roasted Chicken.

4.)Potato Salad. ✌✌✌✌


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