Their bodies are the biznizz!

January is almost done and if you’re still searching for just that one or two fitspiration to kickstart the year…look no further bloghearts.

Here’s Kimmypie, the motherĀ and Brittnebabe, the daughter from New York. I follow Brittnebabe on Instagram. She’s a crtified personal trainer, fulltime student and many more and to say she’s dedicated is an understatement. She has worked really hard to transform herself into this piece of awesomeness and to have a mother with a body like that too, what’s there not to crush(like) on?

Brittnebabe shared this picture of her and her mum on Instagram the other day and I spent my whole evening having a serious talk with the foods in my fridge and cupboard…and bedside drawer(don’t judge me). How did it go?I think I need more talk with them, I find them really stubborn…annnywho…my #wcw goes to Brittnebabe and Kimmypie.

Follow them on Instagram @brittnebabe and @kimmypie

Watch Brittne in action below

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