Whenever Tosin,Milounge boss, starts a conversation with “YO!”,I just know something is about to pop. I had been woken up by my ringtone on this particular morning. It was Tosin on the line, all excited like he just came face-to-face with a gold mine. He was about to send over a song by this incredible artist for me to listen. Once the audio came through, I pressed play and was transported into a delightful musical world and once her voice came on, my ears instantly did somersaults…my excitement levels went off the roof.


After that, I knew I had to get to know this superstar soundbox even more. Once I got her contact, we got talking on whatsapp. If ever you got talking to Duwa, you quickly realise why her sound is so dreamily beautiful. She’s soft-spoken, respectful and widely and finely skilled to know exactly how she wants to present herself and music to the world.

Born Glory Ojoduwa on the 29th of August, 1988 to Nigerian parents in the United States of America. Growing up in Washington DC, Duwa always had an irresistible love for music. Her parents recognised her talent at a very early age and her dad would record home videos of little Duwa singing down a storm. That love propelled her to join the children’s choir and then youth choir where she did lead solos and also conducted the choir. Off to college where she studied Mass Communication and Media Integration, she also sang in a college band which helped ignite her love for music even more. Because of this irresistible love for music and sound,her parents bought her a violin and signed her up for professional lessons. Addition to this, she taught herself how to play the guitar and piano…that is some Paganini ish right there.


Expanding her musical skills, Duwa minored in production. Through the production course, she started producing her own beats, recorded herself and sent out to friends and the feedback she got encouraged her even more. After completing a summer course in a music school, and armed with encouragement from loved ones, Duwa officially started recording in 2013/14. Fast forward to 2017, her debut single ‘Count On Me’ is making waves in the Nigerian music industry right now. The afropop single was produced by Chordratic Beats.

Listen to the single below

Apart from being a musical genius, this ebony beauty is also a seasoned photographer, videographer and a director with three plays under her directorial guidance. The first titled “Chosen”, was held in Washington DC at the University Of Maryland’s auditorium.

Duwa now lives in Georgia where she’s pursuing her music and songwriting career independently. Her goal this year is to release her EP. They call her an afro-soul singer, I see her as an Afro-eclectic singer. Her music is so diverse it can be anything but boxed.Doped the next big superstar by some music enthusiasts, one can always count on Duwa for explosive eargasms.

Here’s a video interview we did with the beautiful Duwa. ┬áPlease watch and enjoy.


Thanks for watching. Tune in next time for more interviews with future YW Coverstars.

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