“A good friend knows all your best stories and a best friend has lived them with you.”


We always crave for great friendships filled with laughter, fun, adventures, good and bad. One of the best ways to strengthen a friendship is through adventure. Our busy schedules and different circumstances in life is making it even harder to spend time with friends.

How many of us get the opportunity these days to travel, explore and create memories with our friends? The girls of TASA are making us realise that it’s still possible and seamlessly so.

I instantly fell in love with the girls of Here & Now-The Adventures of TASA when I tuned in for season 1. With their colourful personalities, Taje, Amiola, Seyitan and Ajifa(TASA) gave me all the right reasons to go on an exploration trip of Africa with my besties. From rolling up their sleeves and hiking up Mount Fako, Cameroon to enjoying silent disco experience in Kenya and then finishing things off with a wedding in the beautiful Vanzibar, the reality show left me craving for more. I’m so happy they’re back for Season 2 and you can catch everything on REDTV’s YoutTube channel.

The girls are back with a BANG!!! Discover and explore the world of four daring, young, beautiful, savvy and intelligent ladies who have been friends since college.

Read more about the ladies on REDTV’s website from the link below.

Watch SEASON 2 trailer below.

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