I remember my friend once asked me ‘What does cooking mean to you?’

and I replied

Cooking is a conversation with the soul”.

That instantly resonated with her. She later on told that it switched  her mindset to start seeing cooking as a time to connect with her soul rather than a chore. With time, she started noticing great improvements in her cooking( and it had nothing to do with the fancy Wok her partner gave her as present).

I love food but more importantly, I love to cook. I’ve always been fascinated about the science behind cooking. How one can can instinctively and rightfully blend spices and food together to make a delicious meal. I love the colours, the textures but most importantly, the taste of food. Through cooking,

I realised the best meals come from your gut feeling and not from recipes.

I realised your soul needs to be fully awake when cooking.(I realised that’s when the best meals are made, whether freestyle or well-known recipes.)

Whether from Bombay to Bafut, the culture behind cooking/food moves me.

For over 4 years now, I’ve been documenting my cooking. I’ve created a special segment on this blog where I’ll be sharing pictures and stories of my experiences during the process. With time, I also plan to share recipes so we can all participate in the cooking experience. I hope to entertain, inspire through my love for cooking. Let’s have fun🖤💚💛💙💜❤💟

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