Whether a workaholic, shopaholic, alcoholic or just not-bothered-holic, what we all have in common is the urgent need of continuous burst of energy to keep our body engines going. To make it to the end of a busy day or even a lazy day and still feel like an energizer bunny, a fun fitness routine must be part of your daily life and that’s where Smartfit Zone comes in.

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The instructors.

Smart Fit Zone is a fitness studio that was recently opened in Bonapriso, Douala. Born out of a strong desire to make an impact in the sports industry in Africa, founder Mirabel Puwo (armed with a Masters in Sports Management) took a giant step as a start of a bigger dream.

Instagram media by smartfitzone - That moment in May 2012 when I was super proud walking down the aisle, after obtaining my Masters Degree in Sports Management. I had great dreams of how I'll make an impact in the sports industry in Africa. At the center of my dreams was opening the best tennis academy for youth in West & Central Africa. Any and everyone who knows me knows my love and passion for tennis. I'm still a long shot from that, but starting a fitness lifestyle with Smart Fit Zone is not shabby at all! #throwbackthursday #GeorgetownSIMalumni #proudhoya #keepthedreamalive #fitnessisalifestyle

Merabell on Graduation Day.

The grand opening of Smart Fit Zone took place on Saturday, the 8th of April. It kicked off with a vibrant zumba class by Merabell Puwo and relaxing yoga class by Adeline Azah Ntoh of Liiwir.com. Friends, family and fitness enthusiasts were in attendance and they all participated and enjoyed the festivities.


The studio opens daily from Monday through to Saturday and offers fun but very effective classes to keep you fit, trim and energised. Below is a brochure in English and French which gives you information on the classes, times and 25cfa monthly subscription.


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Follow their instagram page @SmartFitZon for daily updates on classes and times.

Below are pictures from classes and program…enjoy and get fit.


Instagram media by smartfitzone - Strength building at Yoga class. Same class this evening at 6 PM. Don't forget to register today to begin your fitness journey with us! #smartfitzone #smartfitness #yogaindouala #fitnessmotivation #motivationactivation #fitnesslifestyle

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Instagram media by smartfitzone - And she gets the award for the 1st registered Smart Fit Zone member!! @shandeh we love you and we are soo ready for this smart & fit lifestyle 💋💋💋💪💪💪💪


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