They say picture say a thousand words, this says gazillion.Now this is some finger-licking juicy plot twist. It feels like it was only two seconds ago that Kim’s husband Kanye West queened out on Amber’s ex-husband Wiz Khalifa on twitter and spouses and ex-spouses and children and ancestors got dragged into the online shirt-shredding squabble…you get my drift and many unmentionable adjectives were used.

So I was just doing my usual morning ritual, scrolling on Instagram and then I saw this picture on Amber Rose’s page with the caption ‘swingers’ and instantly thought it was a joke then went to dig more and realised Kim Kardashian also posted it on her page…wowcha…peace in the Middleeast. She even captioned it ‘Tea anyone?‘ Tea?…it’s dripping all over my onesie love.

Once again the queens of the net who happen to share the same birthday, have schooled us on how to break the internet. Many thanks to momager Kris, she teaches well, her students are excellent, she deserves a Hollywood star.

Meanwhile Kanye is in a studio somewhere screaming ‘ma chicks baad, ma chicks hood, ma chicks do shit that your chicks wouldn’t do…dum…tudum…tudum…tududududum…’

kim west


Now that this is ‘sorted’, what’s gonna happen to Amber’s bestie Chyna and the other K situation? We know that tea is brewing. If that gets sorted, I’d personally cement the Hollywood star for Kris Jenner.

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