This is some grown folk swag and we’re here for it.

Omawumi is on a love PSA. The Nigerian soulful singer, who recently got married, happily lets us know the meaning of true love in her latest single ‘somtin.’ She’s letting the world knows she loves her man and it doesn’t matter what you…you…and you think. Preach on sis!

Oooouuuu…the uptempo song is so satisfying, my soul is on some back flips activities right now.

Anywhoo, she has just released the video and it’s just as beautuiful as the song. In the video, we see Owawumi and a bunch of her friends and colleagues in the Nigerian entertainment industry just party and have a good time. The cameo list is lit.

I have a feeling this song would be our African version of ‘Candy’ by Cameo. I see everyone dancing to it at weddings, with full choreography.

Enjoy the video below.

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