Cameroonian music keeps breaking airwaves worldwide. It’s been such a proud moment these past years for Camroonians all over to see their artists on global platforms, receiving awards. Cameroonian artists have dabbled with sounds and¬†finally identified their position in the new fast growing African music industry. We must say, we’re all happy with the results. It’s so refreshing to hear hits back-to-back from our artists and Nabil has just added another to the catalogue.

In this song, Nabil4Real keeps it very real with his lyrics while taking us on a musical memory lane. The intro reminds me of Pierre Didy Tchakounte’s Magabe Sophistique. The ever-present sanza instrument(contri piano) in the background warns your heart while the lyrics put a smile on your face “…we no get passport for take we go dey but when you go dey, you go find we for dey…”Baam!!!

The video brings out the TIA concept really well, blending the cultural and the modern. The end of the video gives you a good taste of Nabil, the actor…very hilarious.

Fantastic song…fantastic video…sorry for bringing this 2 weeks late.
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