Since the release of ‘Move’ fans have been asking nonstop where to listen to or download the full song…precious fans…your question has finally been answered. We are very excited to announce that you can finally download the track from Spinlet for a very little fee of 30 naira. To the fans all over the world(not just Nieria),just follow the link below, it’s very easy and safe to download.

This link takes you to the homepage, then click on download for the amount which then takes you to payment portal. Then click on ‘Interswitch’ icon. Simply fill accordingly and you get the song.

To show her appreciation for the love and support, 20% of the proceed is going entirely to Sister Wisdom’s charity organisation that supports Inner City Mission to give orphans free education and churches to get musical instruments.

Please make a move and help support good music that in turn strengthens the community.


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