I woke up this morning feeling very empowered, energised and just all round happy. All these feelings had been brought about by the beautiful International Women’s Day messages  from friends/family which had nowhere else to but to sit in my soul(because what I felt was more than just a touch). This got me thinking of a post to write celebrating that woman who is out there following her dreams without fear, that woman I have seen grow from strength to strength. I finally picked two ladies…Cameroonian actress Okawa Shaznay and Nigerian MUA Anita Adetoye  of AnitaBrowsBeauty.

This was very easy choices for me to make. Through mutual friends, I got to know these ladies and I have followed their journeys for a while now via social media. I interviewed Okawa in October 2010 who I got to know through my cousin Susana.Before the official interview, we had some pre-interview skype chats to get to know her better. What struck me the most was her humility which instantly put me at ease and we just chatted like longtime buddies. I remember her expressing her desire to move to Nigeria to pursue acting. I was completely blown away by that because she was already acting in Houston, Texas where she was based at that time and was quickly making a name for herself. On top of that, she had a bright future in Accounting. How would someone with that kind of security and stability in the land of ‘dreams-come-true’, leave it all behind to pursue acting in Nigeria? I was gobsmacked and excited for her all at the same time. She finally made the move and what she has accomplished since moving is nothing short of amazing. From Cheaters 1&2 to Iyore, Nollywood and Gollywood haven’t even seen half of what Okawa has to offer. She’s the leading lady in the new gripping drama series Delilah, the first TV series by award winning film producer Frank Rajah. Can’t wait to see the series. Watch the trailer below.

AnitaBrows is fast becoming the name on every celebrity’s lips in Lagos. She’s the makeup surgeon behind most of Toke Makinwa’s flawless looks. I got to know Anita through a mutual friend Tosin Adeoye. I featured her on my blog in 2011 after she did a Lady GaGa inspired makeup look. She was just starting off as a makeup artist in Dublin, Ireland then. I followed her progress on Facebook.With her flair for all things makeup, one could clearly se the rapid progress in her work. She then made the move to Lagos, Nigeria to pursue her dreams and within a short space of time, she has grown from a Mua to a M.U.A. Every face she beats, stands out in the crowd…ask Toke Makinwa, Annie Idibia and Michelle Dede who got touched by the MUA brush. Aside from their gorgeous gowns, these ladies stood out in the crowd at the AMVCA 2016 thanks to their flawless makeup by Anita ‘Brows’ Adetoye. See the pictures below.
michelle dede

I’m always excited to see latest makeup pictures/tuturials or movie trailers form these ladies. On this special day, I celebrate your hardwork, determination, courage and fearlessness as you continue to pursue your dreams.

Happy International Women’s Day to every female out there…we’re the pillars of strength.




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