Is the much-hyped club (which finally discovered they’re not the ‘Special One’) seeking help from the ‘Special One’? If reports coming from Spain are to believed, then yes.

Reports claim that Jose Mourinho has signed a pre-contract deal to become the next manager of Manchester United. it’s almost a done deal between United and the former Chelsea manager to replace Louis Van Gaal despite tremendous support for Ryan Giggs from former United managers and players to succeed as next manager.

Spanish journalist Diego Torres claims that the pre-contract comes with a clause whereby “If United do not sign the final contract [with Mourinho] before 1 May, they must pay £5m; if by 1 June he’s still not signed, they shall pay another £10m,” 

It is claimed the clause came about because seniour figures at Old Trafford, including Sir Bobby Charlton and Sir Alex Ferguson, are not entirely convinced that Mourinho is the right man to succeed Van Gaal.


I personally think he is. The hype about his second coming to Chelsea really made him believe he was truly the ‘Special One’. He became too ginomous-headed with the way he dealt with his team members, especially the way he treated the former Chelsea team doctor Eva Carneiro and the childish comment about Samuel Eto’s age. Though he secured his 3rd Premier League title with Chelsea, he created some enemies within the team. This and other reasons led to his sack which I’m sure was a huge blow to his ego. He hasn’t worked since his dismissal last December.I feel going back into the game after he’s had enough time to gorge on dozens of humble pies while reflecting, is just what Morinho needed. He’ll go in with a level head, strong determination(to prove the seniors and everyone else wrong) and focus to drag Manchester United out of the deep hole of humiliation which for so long truly believed they were the ‘Special One’ until little clubs like Leicester City and Midtjylland dribbled them to humiliating victories. From one Fallen One to the next, Jose Mourinho and Manchester United would form a great team, they sure have a point to prove.

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