On this special day dedicated to love,I’ll like to ask you a special favour. Please take some few minutes of your time and read the ultimate definition of LOVE in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. Spend time to understand every word, every sentence and then try your best to put it into practice…one phrase at a time.

Here’s the official music video of Mutemath’s Monument to warm your heart. The video tells the love story of Charles ‘Lala’ Evans who was married to Louise or Ms Lou before she passed away just one month short of their 60th anniversary. After her death, Charles turned their house into a meseum about the life they shared together.

I pray we all find love as pure and genuine as Louise and Charles Evans’ love. Say it…if it ain’t Evans Love, it ain’t for me…then claim it.

Happy Valentine’s Day bloghearts.

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