Kim Kardashian broke the internet again today with her latest post. The reality star/Business woman announced her soon-to-be-released ultralight beams highlighters and glosses from her KKW beauty line by posting a half naked picture of herself, covered in body glitter. The shimmering beauty products will be launched on the 1st of December on her KKW beauty website. With Christmas being all about shimmers, I’m guessing these products would fly off the shelves like turkey on Christmas eve. Kim sure knows the stack up money game. Keep growing…keep glowing gurl!

Anywhooo…when I saw this on her Instagram page, it instantly reminded me of the 2013 Flaunt magazine cover of Beyoncé in which she also posed half naked covered in body glitter.

What’s better than one curvalicious, glittericious woman…TWO!

Both ladies are body glitter goals❤❤

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