Bullying can scar one for life. To overcome it leaves you powerful, superhuman powerful…ask Shaitou Cho, founder of  Tooshai Faces. The popular MUA recently shared a powerful message on her facebook  page, on how she overcame bullying.

When I was younger I was bullied about my protruding forehead, and I grew up thinking it was a problem, so I always chose hairstyles that will cover it up. But curiously this bullying made me strong because I adopted and accepted all the nicknames that were levied on me because of this head. Ask my classmates and school mates and teachers from PSS Bafut, Eric Forbi ForbiYenih Ngwabo LI LI Forkum Mboka Ndeh Nelson Ndeh Golda K. Ajode Sylvia Yenwong-fai Malaika Nain Ngole Adjeley Yobo Solange Fonkem Beryl Litil Nubed-Tchuetie Lorraine Ndingwan it was just fun time for all of us. In the end I realised this was the most beautiful part of my body and what always made my looks stand out. I knew once you could love yourself and accept yourself as you are, no one will make you feel different, because God created you as you are in a unique way. So I”unveiled” the head 😂😂, if you can say that and started enjoying everything about me. To all of us who do body shaming, give love a chance, and to all those who don’t love something about themselves, know that you were created by God in a unique way and you are here to serve a purpose. Use everything you have and be the best you can be. Let people like Nick Vujicic, Turia Pitt, Muniba Mazari and a host of others be your inspiration.

How powerful is this? Sinchang is a strong. sassy, independent business woman. View the stunning pictures from the photoshoot below.

Photo credit: TGIM Pictures


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