I believe our subconscious minds take us where our conscious minds resist to go. She always loved writing so all she wanted to be was a Historian. She was determined to be just that so much so that she ended up studying History and Archaeology at the University of Buea. So what would actually change the course of a determined ‘Historian’ in the making?

Here’s the story about the media journey of Joan Ngomba, a TV presenter, Producer, Writer,Blogger and a Fashionista. Just after university, Joan had found a job as a secretary for JENS production when a major tragedy stroke. Joan lost her last sister in a ghastly car accident, she was only 17. Having to deal with such devastating loss, Joan found herself completely lost, not knowing how to pull through with life. She had few friends in Nigeria who encouraged her to come over for a change. With the support from her friends and determination to pull through, Joan set off for Nigeria in 2007. When she got to Lagos, her friends again encouraged her to apply for a post graduate course which she agreed to. She applied waited for the entrance results. Still feeling down, Joan moved to Calabar to be with her cousin. It was while there that she had an ‘Aha!’ moment. There was this particular show on Rhythm FM that caught her attention . It was presented by Wild Child and when it came on, she was gripped instantly. He was so good and there and then Joan realised she wanted a career in radio, just like Wild Child’s.Despite having no experience, Joan went ahead and applied for a job in radio. She did not get the job. Joan travelled back to Cameroon, disappointed but not broken.

Still determined to make it in radio, Joan contacted her friend Sunday Are who was the then manager of Mo’Hits Records and explained her plans. The encouragement she got from him spurred Joan to make to take the next step. After discussing with her parents and coming to an agreement, Joan made the big move to Nigeria, armed with optimism and determination. Knowing what she was there for, Are introduced her to Don Jazzy, D’banj and the rest of the Mo’hits crew who took her under their wings. Sunday Are(who’s now Wizkid’s manager) took her out to concerts and other entertainment events. Going to all these events was really fun for Joan because she found herself easily socialising with stars and other people. She met and chatted with lots of celebrities including 2Face and P Square. She was loving every second of it.

“People really like you and and you know entertainment is all about relationships right?” Are finally brought that to Joan’s attention during one of their conversations. With that being said, he advised her to write up her CV and attached with it all the pictures she had taken with celebrities, go back to Cameroon and apply with radio stations out there. She took the advice and sent her CV to Oceans City Radio 88.5FM, Limbe. She got a call from the manager who was really impressed with her CV and so offered her a job.

Joan took over the show 100% Hip Hop which was on air  everyday from 4-5pm.  She co-hosted the show with Valerie Ekome AKA Gucci Val who taught her everything she knows till date about radio. On the 20th of May, 2008, D,banj called in to encourage the youth. That left the listeners very excited and the manager  happy. From then on, 2Face, Wande Coal, the late Achale and many other celebs called in.

One and a half years later, Joan resigned from her job to embark on another journey, this time to become an all round media personality. In 2009, she set off again to Nigeria. This time she stayed with her paternal grandmother( Joan’s father is originally from Akwa Ibom State). While there, she auditioned for Biscon World TV and got the job. Not having any TV experience, the manager agreed to teach her everything she needed to know. She worked behind the scenes and quickly learnt how to write news and other stuff.

Then she caught her big break to be in front of the camera. On this particular day when one of the newscasters did not come on air, Joan was forced to sit in for her. With nerves and all, she did the show and the network was pleased. After that, she was asked to host the show on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Chief Bisi Olatilo took her under his wings and taught her everything. He took her to big events so she could meet and mingle with people in the industry. Through that, she got the opportunity to interview international stars like Brandy, Rick Ross, R Kelly, Joe and many others. From there, more opportunities kept knocking. She became the first TV personality to do a TV interview with Wizkid in Nigeria. She also interviewed Goldie, Tiwa Savage, Dencia, Ashley Stephanie and lots more.

At the height of her career, Joan was hit with another tragedy. In 2011, while on holidays in Cameroon, she lost another sister during childbirth. Leaving behind a new born baby, Joan and her mother stepped in immediately. She caused her to resign from her job and stayed behind for 6 months to help take care of the baby. After her time in Cameroon, she moved back to Nigeria and got a job as a PA for Look Media.

 Pulse Nigeria.
Pulse Nigeria needed content writers so Joan was recommended based on her time in Biscon. She got the job and started off as a Junior Content Writer and after 6 months, she was promoted to a Senior Writer and then after a year, she was promoted to an Editor. was fast growing and they found themselves in direct competition with other major celebrity websites like Linda Ikeji and BellaNaija. Bein that she had some experience in interviewing celebrities during her time in Biscon, Joan proposed a segment where they could go out and interview celebrities on the red carpet. That’s how Pulse TV came about. Armed with a small team, they set out interviewing celebrities including Tim Westwood, Fally Ipupa and more at events and on the red carpet. The job was truly exciting but it came with its own fair share of workload and stress.

Last year, Joan was dealt with yet another blow. She suffered a partial stroke and was in a coma for 6 days. That was the wake up call she needed. Fearing for her life, there and then, she made a big decision and never looked back.


Joan packed her bags and made a permanent move to Cameroon. Her mission…to start her own show called D’codedTV, a Cameroonian version of PulseTV. With the support from her colleagues in the industry, Joan launched her entertainment website D’CodedTV  in November, 2016. From there, she has gone ahead and created the D’codedTV show, an entertainment show to encourage, entertain, appreciate and promote Cameroonian celebrities and events. She’s partnered with CRTV to bring the show to a TV screen near you.


Watchout for Part Two…interview and video which will be published on Wednesday, the 2nd of July, 2017.

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