Meet the incredible Sinchang Cho. She’s the very talented MUA and beautician of Tooshai Faces. I’m a fan of Sinchang’s work. We had long hours of conversations over the phone in prep for this interview and each conversation left me feeling so empowered and proud. Proud of the woman she has become, the wife, the mother and most importantly the creative Makeup Artist and Beautician the nation and the rest of the world will soon get to know.Though she resisted several times, makeup always found a way to be front and centre in her life. With colleagues always complimenting her makeup, friends asking her to do their makeup and even working as the makeup artist on set of a Cameroonian movie and a music video as well gave Sinchang the boost to finally embrace her calling.

Below is the interview we did with Tooshai Faces. Read, get to know her and spread the word.


 YW: How and when did you get your start in makeup?

TSF: I can’t exactly tell how I started, I happened to always have my makeup right or at least better than most other girls makeup. So I just remember as far back as when I was in Lower sixth in 1998, I started doing my brows, then others wanted me to do their brows, it wasn’t exactly what it is today but it looked good at the time. Then later on in University, I used to help my mom out at her hair Salon, she was a teacher but she owned a Hair salon and when we all got back from school, we’ll just work there, and as time went by I just found myself making up some of her clients for their weddings, really minimal; powder, eyebrows, a bit of shadow on the lids and lipstick, and they were always happy. And since I did hair too, my friends always had me do their hair and when I was done, they’ll say : “please fix my brows”. Brows happened to be the thing that completely changes your look, so it was always a great delight to see someone who had always been scared of doing her brows just look brighter with that little touch. I even remember meeting a friend on the street and the first thing she said after greetings was to do her brow, anywhere, lol. So eventually I just got into it; it must have been my wedding pictures, because I did my makeup myself in 2007 and everyone just loved it, so as my friends were getting married they just let me do their makeup. In 2011 bought my first set of brushes, they were about fifteen of them, I didn’t know exactly how to use them, but I just liked the idea of having them and just brushing them on someone’s face, it felt professional, I bought some other items and put in a little box I had, and slowly I learned how to use them, I don’t even know how. I used to just look at some magazine pictures or pictures on the internet and tell myself, I need to figure out how this is done. I barely knew about social media I only knew about Facebook, so You Tube wasn’t even something I could think of, I just used to know it was some website where people searched for and played music. So in 2011 I did two of my friend’s hair and makeup for their weddings and they liked it.  In 2012, I did my first smoky on myself, I was so happy about the result, I also did a couple of other friends makeup for their weddings. All this time, I just did it for pleasure; I didn’t think it could be a career. I kept receiving more and more requests, but I’ve also always been busy with my job, so I couldn’t always meet up. That’s how I slowly found myself getting more n more interested in it, practicing more, and aiming at becoming more professional.


YW: Colour plays a major role in your makeup. What process goes into choosing the right colours for your makeup looks?

TSF: I’ve always loved colours, I remember my friends used to laugh at me because I always wore bright colours and pink and sky blue were my best. So it just followed with the makeup. I just happen to feel sad when my colourful palettes stay unused, so I decided to do some looks from time to time that were vibrant and full of colour. I happen to always get African print cloth from my husband every time he travels, so at some point I realized I just had too many and they were wasting away, as I had them done , it ocured to me I could create a look every time inspired by the dress I had made and was wearing. Sometimes it could be the scarf I have on my head, or I just decide to experiment a new colour. Most of the time I don’t know how the makeup will turn out, but I just get up in the morning, pick a dress and then start making up. That’s the best part, when you just start doing it and improvising as you go, it all comes out as a surprise.


YW: You’re a wife, mother and corporate woman, always on the go. How do you juggle all these roles and still find time for makeup?

TSF: HHHmmmm, that’s another story. It’s not easy at all. Because I just happen never to have time, but somehow, I have a lot of support from my husband and I also have someone who assists me with the house work. When I can, I attend to customers during the week, sometimes before I go to work in the morning if it is convenient, or in the evening when they have events to attend, but the bulk of the work is on weekends, which are usually free, I just organize myself and do what I have to do, though it’s really exhausting.


YW: I’d like to believe you come across all kinds of personalities and skin tones. Do you get inspired by these aspects when doing make up for clients?

TSF: I’ve not exactly come across a wide variety of skin tones; on the other hand I’ve dealt with so many different personalities. Every client has their own preferences. Sometimes they see my makeup and want something similar, but other times they just want you to do ‘’something nice”. Most of the time, this means as close to neutral as possible. Other times, it depends on the occasion.  I have done makeup for weddings, photo shoots, music videos, fashion gala, etc Each customer has their own special requests, but some just tell you to do what will be good for the occasion. So I go with the flow, it may be to give the eyes an intense look or pop the lips. Skin tones play an important role as colours do not fit different skin tones in the same manner, and this is one thing you explain to clients and they don’t just seem to understand. A lot of people are generally scared to try new things or to venture into the bold, they see it on you, they like it, but they think it’ll always be good only on you. It’s usually a battle, but in the end we always agree on something.


YW: Makeup enhances beauty, gives instant confidence. As a makeup artist, how you feel when you help your clients achieve these?

TSF: That’s the best part of it; a satisfied customer. You know makeup can really take you from the worst mood, to a completely happy day. I don’t know if this happens to all women, but makeup is the part that completes your dressing and being able to give someone that satisfaction is the icing on the cake. Sometimes I am not satisfied with my work, because the client has made you do something that doesn’t look  right, even after you explain a few things, but if she’s satisfied, then that’s really what matters.


YW: What are the three makeup items you can’t leave your home without and why?

TSF: Powder, Lipstick or lip gloss and blush or bronzer. Powder because I’ll probably get an oily T-zone at some point in the day and after dabbing the oil with tissue, I’ll need to touch up that T-zone. Lip gloss or lipstick:  after eating or drinking which you are bound to do at some point, you never know how much of that lipstick or lip gloss is gone. And blush or bronzer because you always need to bring back some color to the face as you could wipe it off in the process of getting rid of the oil


YW:You’re a real busy bee. When do you find time to relax?

TSF: Relax? Is that even a word? I’m still looking for that time, lol. But I sometimes send the kids off on a weekend and give myself a little break, lol. Or I will just sit and wait for my vacation.


YW: As someone who has taken that major step in pursuing her dream, what advice can you give to anyone who’s afraid to pursue theirs?

TSF: Dreams will remain dreams if you don’t take the bold step. You just have to risk it. But knowing how our society is, you need to study your environment, see what is feasible, and possibly change location if you’ll do better in another town. Turn a deaf ear to those who think you cannot do it, most people just don’t want to see you move out of that zone where you all are doing nothing to reach for your dreams and better your life. Surround yourself with people who think like you and encourage you. Arm yourself with everything you need to succeed:

PRAYER AND MEDITATION: You already know what I mean, let the voice of God lead and guide you.

KNOWLEDGE: Read and learn more about what you intend to do, do endless research, do a course if you need to and if you can afford it. Listen to motivational speakers. Read motivational books.

COMMITMENT: You have to be committed to succeed. Meaning you have to go the extra mile, the difference between ordinary and extraordinary, is the EXTRA. Don’t sleep on your efforts, be creative and believe in yourself, in the talent that you have.

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