When I started the Blackenicious Glow campaign, my goal was to showcase and celebrate the beauty of the black skin through my social media platforms. Through the platforms, I’ve been able to celebrate black beauties from around the world. It gives me so much joy to continue to celebrate and take it further with BLACKENICIOUS GLOW UNCOVER’D, where we’ll not only celebrate our black beauties but also get to know them better.  That being said, we kick off  BGU with Silky Gifty, the sassy, crazy, fun and just all round badass baldie, boldie blackenicous glow from Lagos, Nigeria.


Eno-Obong Etim Effiong, who goes by the name Silky Gifty, is a vibrant personality who follows her own rules and is not afraid to express herself whether on social media or off. Silky hails from Akwa Ibom State and was born and raised in Cross River State, Nigeria. She’s the fourth of six children and lost her father at a very tender age. She and her siblings were raised by a strong mother who was always about love and discipline.

“I was a very stubborn child. I didn’t make the job easier for her but she didn’t spare the rod.”

She taught them the importance of education but most importantly, the importance of hard work. The latter has been her principle till this day so it’s no surprise that she has hands dipped in numerous pots.

Silky Gifty is not only a filmmaker(Actor, Producer and Script Writer), this talented lady is also a model, dressmaker(still learning) and a caterer. In fact, during our first chat, I caught her at a busy time, she was busy cooking Afang soup, a delicacy from Akwa Ibom State.

“I love cooking. I’m a caterer, working on opening a restaurant in the future.”

When she’s not planning the next big script or cooking her heart out, Gifty spends her time posing  for photographers and building for herself a solid modelling resume. So how did modelling come about for this Blackenicious Glow?

“Funny, I never thought of going into modeling, even though I had a few people telling me to try because I have the physique. Well, all that changed one beautiful Friday afternoon when a Lady who has her own makeup brand “Dabota Cosmetics” put up on her instagram page that she needed a dark skinned model for a shoot. I wasn’t following her at the time but another of her follower, who knows me tagged me to the post. I immediately sent her a message, dropped my phone number and location. Half an hour later, I got a call from her, I went to her studio, we had the shoot which came out really beautiful. That singular job gave other jobs and that’s how I added Model in my Bio.”

Silky Gifty dropped a lot of jewels with us. She talked about challenges she faced in the movie industry because of her skin colour but most importantly how she finally embraced and loved her blackness and bald head.

About not being able to book some roles in the past because of her dark skin, how she finally took heed of ‘advice’ from some friends and bought a bleaching cream.

There was a time I felt I wasn’t good enough because I was dark skinned. Went for several movie auditions where I was told that the roles would only be given to light skinned ladies, not even because they acted better but because they were considered to be prettier. I’ve had friends tell me to tone my skin a bit because I was too dark. One time in Ghana, I foolishly bought a cream that would supposedly tone me up a bit. After the first one, the shop owner advised me against it and admonished me to love my black skin.

About what the Ghanaian shop owner told her exactly.

“There shall come a time where light skin will no longer be in vogue, where black skin will be celebrated. Have confidence in yourself and be proud of the black girl that you are. Your black is beautiful.”

About her decision to go bald.

Aside from the fact that I don’t like hair, I love to always stand out anywhere I find myself. So, the bald look gives me that.

My confidence level skyrocketed the day I decided to go bald. It felt like I was shaving off my insecurities and low self-esteem.
I have never been the one who likes hair. I feel more confident without it.I’m beautiful with hair but I’m at my best without hair.

What comes to mind when she hears Blackenicious Glow.

Beauty With A Difference, Confidence, Black Pride. Made Of Black, Gold And Strength.

What does Blackenicious Glow mean for her?

I am beautiful…period!

About her beauty routine.

Apart from exfoliating with Lemon, Honey And Sugar once or twice a month, I Vaseline with Revlon Cocoa butter and I bath with Dudu Osun soap. I drink a lot of water too.

About the advice she would give to those who still think their black isn’t beautiful.

Dark skin is Gold. Black is beautiful in every way. Don’t bleach your skin because you think you’ll be beautiful when you’re light skinned. No! You’re already beautiful.Dark skinned girls are taking over…Ask Lupita Nyongo.









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