The CEO of Powerhouse Physiques, Anowa Adjah, shows us the amazing result of a high protein diet and exercise. The trainer and mum of 3-year-old twin boys(yeah you read it right) posted a picture on her Instagram with a powerful message which read;

THICK!No filter Bih! I work REALLY HARD ! I’m not against cosmetic surgery but I haven’t had it! I’m not judging I just want my supporters to feel confident that anything is possible once you put you’re mind to it! I’m focusing on maintaining and sculpting. Im a healthy 213pounds at 5’10 inches with 3-yr old twins. I had a c-section and was left with a hernia and diastasis recti, Ladies strive for realistic goals and work on being the best YOU that you can be! I repeat I’m not against surgery, however I’m against people portraying bs. Keep it real with your supporters, they will respect you even more! I’m 100% natural! Aside from Yam Fu Fu and goat, training and a clean diet produced these results! Anyone that claims otherwise PROVE IT! 👊🏾

 WOW!!! That’s what you call a mean bootilicious machine. Anowa explained in a later post that she achieved her toned body by sticking to a high protein diet and training extensively with heavier weights. So ladies, if you’re looking to transform from a kaftan body to a bikini body, Anowa is your girl. Follow her on Instagram for more pictures and exercise tips…@anowaadjah

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