We’ve all watched Joan Ngomba grow, glow and strive from strength to strength. In our exclusive interview with the Cameroonian media personality in July, 2017, she gave us an in-depth journey into her media career, a rich career which brought about many opportunities. Through her journey, she mastered the art of  producing, presenting, writing, editing and many more. She became the red carpet  hostess with the mostest, whose fashion sense and natural journalistic skills captured the hearts of many.

As a former editor of Pulse Nigeria, Joan played a major role in its formation and used her experience to create her own platform, DcodedTV, one of the leading entertainment news platforms in Cameroon.

Joan Ngomba is celebrating 10 years in the media industry and she marked the milestone with a fairytale-themed photoshoot…gooorgeous!!! YenihsWorld caught up with the media darling and she had 10 lessons from her journey to share with us;

  1. To be phenomenal at what I do.
  2. To be patient.
  3. To always improve on my craft.
  4. to be in the know or alert at all times.
  5. No one is my friend when it comes to doing my job.
  6. To hope for better things. Nothing is wrong with hope but always match with actions to achieve goals.
  7. Life is too short so work hard and play harder.
  8. Team work is always a major key to success.
  9. I don’t expect everybody to understand me, the few that can are the ones I’m happy to work with. But in all, I do my best to understand people and situations.
  10. I have learnt to choose love anytime. It’s easy to hate, insult and bare grudges I discovered that being positive is the only way to achieve my goals in life. I also learnt that not everyone will love or support you, so I try as much to surround myself with positive people, focus on those who love me for who I am and for what I do.

The award-winning media personality has projects lined up for 2018. Her media platform, DcodedTV will be joining forces with YOLO events, an organisation specialised in organising seasonal events to celebrate entertainers and entertainment as a whole. She would also be partnering with other event organisers to produce better media coverage in the future.

The future looks bright for Joan Ngomba and there might even be a baby soon(she hinted to us that she would love to have a baby soon).

Big congrats to the media princess. Wishing you more successful years in the industry.



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